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Monday, 20 April 2009

A weekend of firsts

Another eventful weekend's gone by catching a string of bands i've not seen before

Friday: Ash and I went to the Royal to check out SEXY NO PROMO's night featuring FUNfun, Great eskimo hoax and Wintermute, i missed FUNfun (made up from members of younogodie and plans and apologies) due to the Royal and their silly clubnight curfews forcing the show to start just after 7.30......GAY!

Got in just in time for Great Eskimo hoax and was really impressed with their dancey brand of math indie pop, reminiscent at times of foals and minnaars (not surprising when you consider they recorded with the former) with hints of European influences in some of the tracks...great show and the drums on the last track in particular really stuck in my mind!

Headlining were Leed's Wintermute, i'd not really heard much of their stuff before but knew the name as they're releasing their album on big scary monsters this week (27th to be precise) They were excellent playing progressive and energetic tunes that fit perfectly in with the Big scary monsters family, if i'd had some cash i would have went home with the album in my pocket but instead i'll have to order it next week now :-(

early finish, skint,home for a session on Rock band...woot woot!

Saturday: I woke up at 3pm ........yes 3pm (disgraceful behaviour but prague had caught up with me) straight over to Nottingham to help out the I'm not from london lads at the Chameleon for the Great eskimo hoax gig (i arrived to find out that they'd pulled out cos of payment issues) the line up instead was The Toucan party, Best endings and ...And stars collide

The toucan party were on first, born from the ashes of Ann Arbor, the bass and drum duo introduced themselves and explained that this was their 4th gig and they were looking for a vocalist to add to the mix, they then proceeded to rupture the steadily growing crowd's eardrums with some all out gooving brutality!

Next up were upcoming Derby band Best Endings who were ace mixing elements of postrock with oldschool (good) emo, the chameleon was filling up really nicely by this stage and everybody was diggin the tunes.

Headliners tonight were Nottinghams ...And stars collide,i'd heard of these guys before on the silent ballet and enjoyed their short but sweet set, they draw influence from great postrock daddies like Explosions in the sky and UpcDownc, i had to leave halfway through their last song to get back to derby for a house party which was fun despite being off the wagon for a while now!

check out all the bands, they're all well worth checking out :-)

Great Eskimo Hoax
The Toucan Party
Best endings
..And stars collide

Tonight we're playing the Royal with Amusement parks on fire, Jeniferever and Beyond this point are monsters.......will let ya know how it goes x

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