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Thursday, 16 April 2009

...And you will know us by the trail of the dead

We had a Captain outing last night minus Todd to see Trail of dead at the Rescue rooms.
Pretty baked we arrived and assumed that middle class rut were already playing, it sounded a bit gash from outside so we stayed outside then found out it wasn't Middle class rut at all, i can't remember what they were called tho.

Anyways Sacramento's Middle class Rut came on second and after being underwhelmed by what i'd heard on myspace was quite quickly converted as is usually the case when a band makes a good impression on me live! The two piece created a mighty noisy raw groove between them ripping my ears to shreds so i'll be checking them out again soon no doubt.

Tonight however was all about the headliners, the venue was packed with people waiting for trail of dead and we somehow managed to make our way up to the front right of the stage and began the wait while TOD prepared to destroy us all, it had been 10 years since i'd last seen them so tonight was like being a young pup again :-)
After half an hour Conrad and co finally take to the stage and everyones attentions focused on the stage as they pummelled through an epic set for the next hour and a half with a nice mix of both new and old songs like Another morning stoner, Totally Natural, Relative ways and Homage.
Two songs in and my only complaint was the vocals not being loud enough, i wasn't on my own, after the song the majority of the crowd began shouting for the vocals to be turned up but apparently this fell on deaf ears and there didn't seem to be much of a difference in the levels.
Swapping between vocals, guitars and percussion the band constantly keep you on your toes as they clambered in and out of the crowd all sweating buckets and loving every track, i've been spurred on to pull my finger out of my hole and get the new album cos the tracks from it were wicked, would have been nice to have heard them before the show.

FUCKIN AWESOME BAND and every bit as good as the last time i saw them if not better!

Some minor niggles tho, Conrads guitar tech was possibly the most eager numpty ever! That grumpy security man at the front needed a smack as well.........change your fucking face mate!

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