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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Amusement parks on fire

In summary last night was LOUD!!!!

We arrived at the venue to be told that we'd been switched to first on cos BTPAM had called up saying they were gonna be late :-( so we headed back to mine to chill for a bit!
We headed back to the Royal set up and played a short but sweet set to a decent turnout (it would have been alot better crowd if we'd played second)

BTPAM showed up and rocked it as usual!

Jeniferever were deadly, they took to the stage, timid and looking a bit like a rabbits in the headlights but once they began the sheer power and beauty of their music spoke volumes, there wasn't much crowd banter aside from a few whispered thank you's, the set appeared to have been cut short by the venue and the band looked a bit disgruntled as they explained to the crowd that this would be their last song, leaving me wanting more of their ethereal soundscapes!

Amusement parks are currently on tour with 65 days of static from today but last night saw them headline the Royal, and they put on one hell of a show playing tracks from APOF and Out of the Angeles like Venus in cancer, Wiper, A star is born and Blackout, they also treated us to a brand new song from the upcoming Young Fight EP called Raphaels Dark Night which was great and is a bit of a departure from the rest of their back catalogue, apart from some technical problems with pedals halfway through the set they played an absolute blinder and their lighting worked really well with their set, drawing you into a sea of noise before they finished their set leaving you drowning in feedback as they disappeared!

Tonight we support ZU @ SEVEN :-)

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