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Friday, 6 March 2009

Badger Vs Panda : quick update

Huddersfield = :-(
alot of tired men arrive to find our local support didn't show up, nor did many people, we pretty much played fun sets to each others bands and a small handful of drifters from downstairs until about 10, then we went downstairs for the Acoustic night,the captain didn't get involved this time but Darren from Tapasia did and it was wicked.........if only you could get everyone from downstairs to come upstairs while bands are on Bar 1:22 would be the tits!

Nottingham = :-)

nice friendly crowd,
goodnightparis were awesome, but apparently it was their last gig as their singers going travelling which is a shame but i envy the man for going off around the world!
The Wickets are a band that just get better and better everytime we see them, they were playing alot of new material from the upcoming album which all sounds wicked.
Tapasia were excellent some of my favourites in their set were new songs "Heathens" and "Tongues" and they received a great reception.
By the time we played i was pretty drunk but it was alot of fun we closed with bad teeth and then into a jam before being joined by the Tapasia boys for a bit of Alright the Tapasia
Lock in afterwards was great too :-)

Derby = :-)

Switzerland opened for us, they were great and all stupidly young and talented!
Tapasia were great again with some nice wee surprise bits and some manilow :-)
Another fun set for us, it was very relaxed and at least people stuck around again!
We tried heading to the Royal afterwards but couldn't get in so we all ended up in players til the early hours randomly.

Peterborough tonight should be a blast...........Keep ya posted!

We'll get some photos up soon!

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