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Monday, 9 March 2009

Badger Vs Panda : update 2

it's the late Frankie Howards birthday and we've shown up at the Glass onion music and arts centre in Peterborough to load in a little late but still with plenty of time,we caught up with the Buenos Aires lads for the first time in ages and hit the buckfast

Buenos Aires were brilliant, probably the best i'd seen them yet and the crowd got well into their bouncy post-hardcore reminiscent at times of Biffy meets ATD-i, two songs in and Jake lets us know the buckie's gone straight to his head and it's all my fault (we did warn them) if anyones not heard of the leicester lads, do yourselves a favour and check them out here Buenos Aires

Tapasia went on next and got a song in before the fire alarms started going off, everyone in the venue just stood around while omar drummed along to the alarms, then it stopped, then started again before the management made everyone leave, it was only while we were standing outside the venue that we realised how nice a turnout was actually there and thankfully nobody left, instead all standing around having a smoke while we waited to get back in. when we did get in again the whole atmosphere had changed and everybody seemed more in party mode, Tapasia carried on with their set and got joined by some ridiculous polish breakdancer down the front which was hilarious but he succeeded in getting people involved and dancing down the front and it truely was Party time!!!!!

The Hendo sans project were up next,dressed like Jesus and his Disciples rocking the bit out which was enjoyable although the vocals were a little lacklustre seeing them this time around unfortunately but everything else was flawless as they banged through their set of stoner rock!
Apparantly the venue wanted us to be done by 12:15 but it was 11.50 and the hendos were still on stage, they finished and we did the quickest changeover possible and battered through our set while people partied around us. I honestly think the Glass onion is one of the most fun places to play and everyone in peterborough is sound as fuck.
We ended up going back to our mate Tasha's house for what turned out to be quite a messy night, we were introduced to legends like Jimmy the pirate and Marco who were ace and played some great tunes for us including our new favorite tour song 16 bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy, proper dirty dubstep. I tried to crash at about 5.30am but no sooner had i put my head down than will and Omar showed up with a load more booze and continued to party all night while todd did some paitings for tashas house,16 bit must have been played about 15 times throughout the night at full volume, we were all really surprised there were no complaints as theres an old folks home across the road too.

11am we headed for a venture round peterborough to find absolutley nothing, it was like waking up in Poland and we tried in vain to find a cafe for a fry up, all peterborough seems to have are little european style cafes so we ended up going sainsburys and buying a load of sandwich stuff for everyone.

we set off for our gear and to make the trip up to Leeds for the first time at about 3pm and everything went smoothly with us arriving at the Fenton for 6.15 to set up and soundcheck, first impressions were that it smelled pretty grim but was a pretty decent venue to be fair.
Pattern arrived and were really friendly lads, we cracked open a few bottles of wine and then went to hand out some flyers round leeds, its a wicked city and Ross and I found a wicked little pub called the Dry dock which was built into a ship :-)

we headed back to the venue and Pattern kicked off the night for us, they sound like a band that belongs nestled amoung the BSM label family with the 3 piece having toured with great bands like shapes and Blakfish, the drummer took on the main vocal duties in their upbeat math-indie and we all really enjoyed their set and will be sorting some more shows together in future for sure!

next up were Mercurial, they started off a bit ropey with the sound being a bit off but by the end of the second song it was all good and they sounded in parts like Incubus mixed with Faith no more, they were good but it was only their last track which really made an impression on me, maybe it was the tiredness or the wine but i was flaking pretty badly.

we played next and i think it was the tiredest i've ever been for a gig but we battled on and it was alot of fun despite the average turnout.
Tapasia rounded the night up and everyone enjoyed themselves with a few of their mates from home showing up for the show.
We packed up and decided that we were gonna try and find a travelodge or hostel but made up our mind to stop into the Dry dock for a quick pint first!

We tried calling the travelodge - FULLY BOOKED

Dry dock closed early so we wandered the streets freezing looking for a hostel or hotel for us all........NO JOY!!!!!!!!

we all gave up and decided to crash in the Cars :-(

tried to turn our car on to heat it up a bit, NO jOY, wouldn't start!

Borrowed some of Tapasia Stinking trailer blankets to keep warm and spent the night getting stoned in a carpark :-)

Woke up with the most killer back (everyone else seemed to fuck up their knees instead) and went for a wander into Leeds for breakfast at the Walkabout were Ash got served Raw sausages and we all drank cold coffee......SORT IT OUT!!!!
Back to the Car and The "Tapanda" lads had to get off as they'd to be in Stranraer for 7pm.......MISSION!
we meanwhile waited for roadside recovery to arrive, when they did the guy literally took 2 minutes to fix the problem (fuck knows what was up with it) and we were back on the road home :-(

Roll on Ireland in a few weeks it's gonna be messy!

photos will be up soon........PROMISE!

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