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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tour starts today

As i type this Tapasia are probably just getting off the ferry and making the drive to meet us later in Huddersfield.....FUN TIMES!

Tour starts tonight at Bar 1:22 and if its any thing like previous tuesday nights in Hudds it's gonna be a great nights craic, we'll have copies of the EP available on this tour which makes a pleasant change, just waiting for some stickers and badges to be delivered too so hopefully they'll arrive before we set off today.

We've uploaded the new version of Bad teeth to our myspace so ya can have a wee nosey.

Also this week i've been jamming with Ali and Robin from Beyond this point are monsters, we're working on some riffs for a new project since i'm living in Derby now, we're gonna get Paul Taylor (LoEgo) in on second guitar soon soo.

after last nights rehearsal we headed down to the vines on a whim and was well impressed, i arrived just as a band called Flatlands were starting their set and was fuckin blown away, they play heavy post-metal which was reminiscint of Isis and Cult of luna, the singer Mike had a wicked voice and they chopped and changed from crushingly heavy riffs to atmospheric ambience so easily and it was really refreshing to be at a gig were i hadn't already heard of the bands.

A band Called Catharsis headlined combining influences including ISIS, Pelican, Godspeed you! Black emperor and Mogwai creating an aggressive and experimental set of songs, i found our afterwards that they are Derby based so not sure how they slipped under my radar but i'll defintiely be going to see them again soon :-)

In a bit!

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