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Sunday, 1 February 2009

in love with Loggerheads

Wire and wool last night was amazing, first of it was in the Loggerheads, a pub/venue i've heard lots about but never knew where it was so Raj,Joycey and i decided to get a taxi down there, as we left the flat two guys in their late 30's asked us if we knew where there was any live music happening cos we'd our guitars with us, so we told em to join us for the evening as they'd never been before either, we arrived at the venue, at first we thought we were in the wrong place as it didn't look like there was any music happening anywhere, but after a quick investigation we realised we were in the best pub ever, its a massive playground to get drunk in with 2 main bar sections, a main venue section, a network of caves below the pub and massive outdoor area, the place was packed and there were people playing acoustic sessions in various places all round with wicked visuals dotted all over as well.

Raj and I played a few tunes together in one of the smaller caves at 10pm to an intimate little crowd, it was cold but alot of fun, as we finished up we went for another little wander round only to find some guys performing circus tricks like slicing watermelons between a guys balls with a machete and smashing concrete blocks on his chest as he lay on a bed of glass, after that we proceeded to chat away and get boozin while we watched some wicked acts, we saw the Amber Herd down in the main cave which was awesome and the cave was packed, it was a really nice setting with low lights and lamps and heaters, after them we went upstairs to the main room to see Apparatus of sleep play a stripped back set without the laptops which wasn't quite so acoustic but was excellent and involved oranges being thrown at the guitar to create walls of noise at the end themselves not the crowd :-)

Another wander round and i found myself playing along in a big blues jam before we headed downstairs to the main cave again to see what was going on, we caught the guy that runs the open mics at the golden fleeces set which was really cool then Raj and I had a jam with our mate Matt from Par excellence into the wee hours of the night playing some instrumental acoustic stuff while people blazed up and waited to be booted out!

It was a really good night and i'll defintely be getting involved again, Raj and I have also decided we're gonna start doing more acoustic stuff together and will probably play the golden fleece open mic on monday!

Big up to Will and Jez for putting on another great night!

I'll get some photos and videos posted up as soon as i get em.

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