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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

ooooohhhhhh exciting times ahead

Yesterday the I'm not from london lads and I went for a little meeting with Hannah from SEVEN about a new clubnight we're gonna launch in the next few months, we have some really good ideas and we're gonna try and do something a bit different from what's already going on in Notts at the moment, it's all still in the planning stages and we're sorting out the launch night as we speak so i'll post more details as soon as we have more ourselves.

In Captain news, Ash and I put down some more guitar parts last night and we have two songs almost finished now, it seems like it's taking forever as we've been taking our time with these recordings and don't want to do anything with them until we're happy with them, we have another few sessions booked for the next 2 weeks so we should (all being well) have everything done by Valentines day :-)

Todds also been busy doing some more design work and we have some trendy captain Badgers ready to go on some Tshirts for ya which should be ready soon....would ya buy one of these?

Tonight i'm gonna chill and catch up on some much needed sleep then tomorrow night i'm gonna go see Love Ends Disaster! in the Rescue rooms for their first gig of 09, should be fun!

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