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Friday, 30 January 2009

Birobox launch night

Last night i got home from work to start packing up some of my things before i move when i received a text from a mate asking me to go to an Audio Visual installation by some guys that previously worked with hexstatic and squarepusher apparently, 20 mins later i get Todd telling me that Origamibiro are playing the Malt Cross and all of a sudden it all clicked that it was the same thing, 5 mins later yet another text about minds definitely made up, fuck packing i'm heading to the Cross.

Ash had introduced us to Origamibiro a few months ago and had shown us their videos and got us all really excited about them, we arrived at the Malt cross (a venue i really don't visit often enough) and got a drink, there were quite a few people already filling the place out and it was really chilled and candlelit bringing a friendly vibe to the room!

It turned out that this was the Launch of a new bi-monthly audio-visual event in Nottingham called THE BIROBOX WORKSHOPS. The night showcases contemporary music and video performances along with a variety of installations, projections and exhibitions.

The night kicked off upstairs with an installation from VASTIK ROOT it was described as "Vastik root plays god, creating artificial life with a Nintendo DS, where bass lifeforms discharge a mutant maelstorn of randomised beats, honks and bleeps in an unrelenting generative sonic ooze" basically it was a guy creating glitchy beats and another guy taking photographs of the screen that was displaying the visuals, it was a bit bizarre to watch but definitely interesting with some cool beats!

Next it was back downstairs for the brilliant Origamibiro,we got our seats and relaxed as Tom (Origamibiro) and Jim (joy of box) began their performance consisting of looping riffs with ripped paper,mics,typewriters,books,guitars and synths and a whole array of other toys creating gorgeous soundscapes and a constantly evolving sound, as Tom built up the music Jim was focusing on the visuals using both archive footage as well as live visuals created in real time and looped on a projector behind them, their whole set was amazing and really drew the whole crowd in, everyone gathered round enticed and nodding heads!

Dan Tombs & Luke abbott rounded the night up with a circuit bending set improvising Dance with Electronica accompanied by glitched out circuit bent videos created using old sega games consoles, ah it took me back to my childhood playing glitched versions of supermario on my NES just for the laugh :-)

Tonight is gonna be a similar sort of vibe with the Wire and Wool Launch night, i've persuaded Venetianraj to play a few songs tonight and may possibly do an improv set with Stoney (apparatus of sleep) if we have time!

Doors are at 8pm and there are gonna be burlesque dancers, firebreathers as well as a whole host of other goings on so come along or like i said in the previous post get yourself down Creative Blocks!

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