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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wire and Wool ---- Creative Blocks

I've been convinced into playing a short acoustic set at the Wire and Wool launch on Friday 30th January 2009 at The Loggerheads in Nottingham...should be interesting as it's been a while since i've played my own songs!

Wire and Wool has been set up to provide a platform for the emerging creative talent from our city and beyond. On the last Friday of each month they'll be taking over The Loggerheads and staging live performances from a selection of Nottingham's finest acoustic artists as well as playing host to exclusive, unplugged sets by established acts from around the country. On top of this we’ll be screening exciting short films, animations and audio-visual art onto the cliff walls that frame the venue, all carefully picked from a selection of Britains best motion artists. We're even going to set up an old school 1960's psychedelic oil and light show for you to feast your eyes on while you lap up the nights music and visual treats.

And all for FREE!!!

wire and wool

Line up so far:

Yunioshi -
Curtis Whitefinger -
Electric Baths -
Apparatus of Sleep -
Den Johnson -
The Amber Herd -
Will Jeffery -
Paul Walker -
Jake Manning -
Marty ATC -
Jonathan Beckett -
Brynley G Jones -
Bruce Myers -
Satnam’s Tash -
Apples For Faces -
Essex Pub Orgy -
Jimbo Henry -

Come along it's gonna be fun!

If you find yourself in the Derby area instead you should check out Ash's monthly night Creative blocks in Big blue Coffee shop!

Heres the Blocks lineup...

Mables Husband
Rebel soul Collective
Mark Cunliffe

Big blue can be found on Sadler Gate, Derby, DE1 3NQ
Telephone: 01332 608619


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