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Monday, 1 November 2010

we had a lethal time on our first european tour this is how it went down

+ van overheating en route to Dover causing a rush against the clock
+ we made it just in time for the ferry
+ arrived in Calais and drove to Leiden
+ got lost in Leiden and offered a place to crash from 2 local messheads
+ eventually found the venue and crashed for the night
+ Woken by hackers in the squat
+ Coffee and a walk around the market & a coffeeshop before soundcheck
+ banter with French bands I Pilot Daemon and Time to Burn
+ massive jam (Todd's singing was a highlight)
+ Drive to Antwerp with van Overheating again, getting worse!!!
+ Load in to an already busy venue to meet our awesome host Sam
+ Enjoyed Animal Version,Betunizer,Gypsy Rufino & Your Highness
+ Ate a fuckload of awesome handmade burgers
+ Stayed with Viv and Wobert the absolute legends
+ Day off so we took the van to the Gargage to get fixed
+ explored antwerp then returned to Music city where Pieter put us up for the night
+ todd painted a snib for pieters entrance
+ played a headfuck of a board game and ate lots of bread pudding
+ woke up in pitch black convinced it was like 4am turned out to be 12:30
+ Breakfast followed by a jam
+ Drive to Ghent
+ Pasta, beers and banter upstairs
+ panic about turnout at 9pm only 5 people in venue, by 9:25 it was packed :D
+ Chilled at Kinky star before heading to our host Luc's
+ We woke up to a load of breakfast waiting on the table for us including some ham/bacon stuff, we were unsure what it was so cooked it just in case :D
+ Long drive to luxembourg, nothing very exciting happened except drinking a bottle of whiskey in the back and almost running out of petrol
+ Arrived at the venue a little later than planned to meet our Lux mates Claude and Mathis
+ Venue was a tennis courts bar/restaurant, great turnout and great people, we played with Ziamese Sessions
+ walked to Germany for the craic
+ Stayed with Mathis and his Dad where they showed us the process for the handmade prints they'd done for us!!!
+ Packed our gear and set off for Lille
+ Arrived early met Alaska pipeline and Jeff
+ Quietest show of tour but still fun
+ Had dinner after the show and stayed at Jeff's
+ Lunch and a good walk around Lille
+ Last day of tour in Hazebrouck with our friends Fall Of Messiah and the excellent John Makay
+ We stayed at Pierre' Farm in their practice room/barn
+ said our goodbyes :( and set of on our 350mile drive back to Derby with a car full of stinking cheese!

Roll on April........we can't wait to get back :D

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