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Thursday, 3 December 2009

ATC in Japan.....kinda!

We received a lovely email yesterday from a guy called Osamu in Tokyo, it turns out he wants to stock the 123.EP through Linus records...
we're all obviously chuffed that anyone in Japan had even heard of us let alone taken the time to contact us about putting out our little DIY EP :-)

Saturday we played our last show of the year in EYE and it was fuckin awesome, it was so much fun and a great way to end a busy gigging schedule so big thanks to Jane, Sophie, Lee and everyone else involved in organising the party :-)
Since then we've locked ourselves up in our new lockup while we crack on with getting the album and split 7" done for release in 2010, we have 2 more new songs (working title for one of which is called Peanut worm) in progress and a few more ideas floating around to be worked on too :-)

time for a coffee tho now!


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