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Thursday, 10 December 2009

"Alright the Captain? are from all over, right? They're from Birmingham, Northern Ireland, Norwich, Leicester and Notts. Either this means that the composite members all live / have lived in lots of different locations (apparently there are only three of them) or they're HUGE! Reigning down their perilous tyranny from the skies, destroying Britain one step at a time. Personally, I hope it's the latter.
This three are evidently very talented musicians whose prowess is noticable from the first hammered on riff from Marty's guitar to the second slapped funk moment from Todd's bass. The music's all instrumental with time signatures designed to make dancing difficult unless you already know the song really well. That is, there's a big jazziness to the sound and you get the feeling the three of them are writing the exact music they want to create. There's a lot of variation in their sound also, just when you think you can hear some bastardised combination of Primus, Battles and Mogwai, it explodes into a Tool, Mars Volta, Squarepusher moment which changes again before you even had the chance to acclimbatise. For instrumental rock, there's a sense of impatience in the song that sees them moving into completely different sonic environments within a little space of time and before you know it, the song's over in just under four minutes.

In that sense, it's very difficult to really place direct comparisons with these guys but just to go with the flow of their impatient sound. They put it well themselves when they say "from the distorted synth bass to the angular dissonance of the rhythm guitar through to the ambient delayed lead guitar textures and the solid drum tracks kicking against the glitchy electronic loops and trippy samples, Alright the Captain? have a unique musical character and an open minded approach to their genre bending anti-rock".

Over prolonged periods of time this may make your head explode, but you can picture it going down a storm in a live environment.

If you like your post rock but find many miss the point with their one-trick-pony 4/4 cinematic sound tracks for imaginary films when there's a whole world of possibility to be explored" - GOD IS IN THE TV ZINE

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