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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

post-ATP depression

Fucking deadly weekend, arrived after the 4 hour journey (thanks to Paul the legend for driving) and got checked in and off we went to find our chalet and meet the neighbours who were a crowd from Dublin, turned out they were all in awesome bands called Adebisi shank, Hands up who wants to die and Hooray for humans.
On friday we caught Devo, Jesu and fuck buttons, i really can't remember much after fuck buttons at all :-(

Saturday we went for a walk along the beach and stopped for breakfast by the sea to clear our delicate heads before catching Lords last show for a long time which was cool but no where near loud enough which was a shame but still a wicked show.
I caught Retribution gospel choir (Alan Sparhawk of Low's new band), the fucking mighty Qui (one of my personal highlights along with the jesus lizard)they were so fucking dark and rocked so hard, David Yow's a legend and they completely owned the afternoon, a few people had recommended Harvey Milk so off we trekked and we definitely weren't disappointed, back to the chalet for some redwine and buckfast action (yes they sold buckie at butlins.kinda sums up the mental people they like to encourage at butlins :-) in preparation for the first jesus lizard show in 11 years, we headed up with the neighbours and got a wicked spot about 4 rows from the front, they opened with Puss and it was only about a minute before Yow had his Tshirt ripped off and began corwd surfing, the whole show was carnage, i struggled to stay on my feet and got the absolute shit beat out of me including Yow's knee to the head, i lost a shoe but got it back luckily or i'd have been shoeless for the rest of the weekend. After the set i lost everyone so i had a little space around before Sleep, they were one of the heaviest bands i've ever seen live and they destroyed the place, admittedly i was pretty wankered by the time i ran into Shea and Rony and the rest of the Belfast crowd, we went and partied at their chalet after until security shut us down and i headed back towards our chalets but i got lost on my way before running into Barry (hands up), apparently we headed round a few bars handing out stickers and badges before heading to the Dubliners chalet for more carnage eventually crawling into bed at about 7am.

Sunday i woke up gutted that the weekend was fast approaching an end and nursing a brutal hangover, we didn't move out of the sun until about 5.30 to go see future of the left on fine form playing the main stage, time then for a quick bite to eat while we watched a bit of parts and labour, i like their recorded output but was not a fine of their live show so we left and continued to aprty back at the chalets, we'd the most mental mini party ever crowdsurfing round the chalet to weezer and um bongo before heading into the arena again for the mae shi who were excellent (i'd not heard much of their stuff before either but will be back for more)
A few of us headed to see the jesus lizard again and it was another epicly vicious show although the band and crowd were all a little tamer than the previous night i thought.

I caught the last few songs of This will destroy you's set which was brutally loud but beautiful. Then it was off to see sleep again as they were playing most of dopesmoker, i left for a little bit and went to the chalet for 15 mins respite before heading back in again with barry and heading down the front, we left after wards and had a bop round crazy horse to mike divers set before they closed the bar and we went in search of a party, we met the guys from Health and Parts and labour and chatted for a while on the hunt together unsuccessfully before they gave up and went to their chalets, we continued the hunt and ran into a load of welsh guys one of whom looked like Bubs from the Wire and bantered with them for a bit, we'd somehow ended up at the opposite end of butlins and had to make the trek back to our chalets to find the party which was kicking off behind our chalet...slinked off to bed at about 6 and was up again for 10 to check out!

Monday we said our goodbyes to our wonderful new friends before a leisurely drive/sleep back and stopped off for lunch before getting home!

This week sees more rehearsals for our Leftlion show on friday and our ASIWYFA/ Maybeshewill gig on sunday. Fun times!

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