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Monday, 18 May 2009


Back in work again for another few days now after a hectic few days

on thursday a few of us caught Foals at the Rockhouse in Derby which was fun, couldn't understand a single word Yannis was saying between songs tho and the vocals in general were a bit quiet but it was a fun show.

Friday we played the Leftlion show at Brownes in Hockley with Polymath who were all lovely, both bands found out very quickly that we were playing to the wrong crowd altogether, it was full of shirt and shoe wearing clowns lookin for a trendy bar and the stiff kitten DJ's didn't really help matters by playing lots of banging house music,leading people into a false sense of security for their friday night. We played a pretty enjoyable set and had fun just a shame the only people who gave a shit were the people we knew!

Saturday a much needed lie in then just killed time until i headed over to Notts to see the ASIWYFA and Maybeshewill guys at Rock city. Bangin shows from both as usual!

Sunday was the Frigid stars all dayer at the vines in Derby.

I pretty much caught everything that was going on and ate lots of delicious cake, the highlights were xtag's set including ATDi and Fugazi covers, Two minute noodles were fuckin awesome again, who knew organ and drums could be so much fun? check them out!!!
We played a fun but sketchy set so we're looking forward to recouping in June and getting back to form for summer!
Grande Duke are Baz from Beyond this point are monsters new band, they reminded me a bit of isis in parts but it was Baz's drummin which really stood out with some great off time beats!
Maybeshewill and ASIWYFA co-headlined and again were fuckin banging, the sound was perfect and you could hear everything crystal clear, the only disappointment was ASWIYFA's set being cut short due to curfew :-(

This week we've got the bUTTONpUSHER launch night and the next captain show is saturday for the Fusefest in Derby alongside bands like Asian Dub foundation, These waves and loads more and it's all FREE!!!,we play The Mist in the afternoon sometime i think!

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