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Friday, 6 February 2009


knackered, gonna keep this short and sweet

LED @ rescue rooms = Wicked night

Actionforce had to pull out cos of the snow unfortunately, (their driver was snowed in) so there was a replacement band which we missed :-(

Beck Goldsmith and her band (featuring half of LED) were excellent, in particular a track called "The Watchers" stuck out for me, check her out

Red shoe diaries were really good at the style of music they play (rockabilly indie style stuff) but i personally wasn't the biggest fan, the crowd really enjoyed it though and there were a few people having a good boogie :-)

Love ends disaster were ace, catchy post punk/indie with bass heavy hooks, they plowed through their set and looked like they were having fun being back on stage again for the first time in 2009,they were joined by Gemma from O lovely lie on vocals for the opening track which was brilliant, the set went on and a cuddly toy appeared on stage only to be kicked out into the crowd again after a while, Jon's guitar parts were awesome and the set seemed to fly by before i trundled off home in the cold!

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