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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Saurus promotions

Nottingham's newest promoters "Saurus" had their launch last night and what a launch it was, the I'm not from London lads and I headed to the Chameleon for 9pm and there was already a great crowd gathered, they had dinosaur pinatas hanging up while Joel (the man behind the night) ran around with a dinosaur tail!
Holy State (a band i'd heard lots about but hadn't actually got round to listening to yet for some strange reason) ended up going on first which was a bit annoying as we missed the first 2 songs but they had a really raw angular sound, reminding me at times like the Jesus lizard meets fugazi and even a bit of old school Nirvana, i'll be getting a copy of the EP soon as i can for sure, check em out

With the Change to the running order up next were Derby's These waves they were leaps and bounds better than the last time i saw them, everything was alot tighter and there were alot more onstage antics, the sound was really good in the Chameleon actually apart from Singer Josh's mic cutting out every now and again in parts. They remind me so much of a heavier This town needs guns which isn't a bad thing at all and should make for a good gig @ the Vic inn on march 7th!

The reason we were all out tonight tho was for Brontide, made up of Tim Hancock on guitar, Will Bowerman on drums and Nathan Fairweather these guys were always gonna be good, formed as a side project from their previous bands (I was a cub scout, Pictures and The Petty thief) they create intricate tapping melodies on the guitar and bass and make great use of the loop pedals, they've managed to capture a mix between battles and russian circles (two of my favourite bands) which works really well for them, opening with "MFBT" the gig got off to a great start and didn't dip once, only complaint i had was that it just wasn't long enough and i was left wanting more,i'll be checking these guys out again soon for sure!

Good first night Saurus, see ya at the next one!

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