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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Could be fun! Could be Shit!

First gig of the year today at the Black horse Pow Wow in Somercoates??? i'm clueless as to what it's all about as Todd sorted this show! I do however know that we are drummerless as Will's working til 3 and we play at 2, we're gonna stick Ash behind the Kit (he's a wicked drummer too so consider that a bit of trivial captain information) and just have a jam as a 3 piece as it's too late to pull out now, could be fun, could be shit! keep ya posted!

My heads melted after Valentines for the Dysfunctional last night in the Red Rooms, but it was a great night, it was all about JC Decaux's set tho, they were fucking brilliant! I'm too hungover at the mo to even write any sort of review apart from that there were wrestling moves, hat blindness, loud guitars and a shitload of wicked tunes! Roll on the next JC gig!

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