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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Always make sure you have petrol!

something we've learned since starting the captain is that if anything can go wrong for us it usually does so why would today be any exception, we should have been in somercoates to play at 2 o'clock , instead I got picked up by one of the guys organising the festival to head over to somercoates after picking up Todds bass for him, we were on the A52 on the way to Derby when the car ran out of petrol, i was pretty hungover and battered to begin with without having to go for a half mile walk in search of a service joy!

sat with the car again for an hour and a half and not one single bastard stopped! Eventually a police car showed up and i took my first ride in the back of a cop car to the nearest services to get some petrol, by the time we were up and running again there was no point going to Somercoates so we headed around to meet Ash and Todd by the QMC and head back into Notts!

Loads of fun!

Happy Valentines btw!

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