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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

We've raised our ugly heads again

Last night we played the Old angel, it had been a long time since i'd been in only to find out it had all been redecorated and all drinks were £1.50 ......Happy days!

Our mates in Knifecutter opened with a 2 piece assault with guitar and drums, there were some wicked riffs and in times i was reminded of drone legends Earth and a host of other ATP favourites, not sure what the next band were called but they weren't bad, not really my kinda thing but not bad, next up were Liverpuddlians Eighth Day Army, i'd checked them out on myspace and was looking forward to seeing them and they didn't disappoint with their "experi-metal" in parts they reminded me of Fall of Troy mixed with old school Biffy Clyro, definitley gonna try and sort a few more shows together in the future too!

Our sound was a bit meh due to us missing our soundcheck but we battled on and it was alreet, if anything it was a nice little warm up for next weeks shows so thanks to everyone who stuck around for us, appreciated as always!

Just gotta kill a few more hours in work today and then we're headin into Studio Amp in Derby to start recording a few new tracks :-)

will keep ya posted!

in a bit!

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