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Friday, 9 April 2010


it’s been a hectic week so far since last friday, i was playing guitar for Karhide in Nottingham along with ANTARES from Leeds (who were really enjoyable).

Saturday was a night off so we had a house party at mine which was either a really good or really silly idea before the all dayer on Easter sunday but we recouped and played alongside Stig Noise, Brontide, Hot head show, Stag and Crushing Blows, we got obscenely wasted with mates and don’t remember much other than dancing around like maniacs all day :D

Monday was a night off from ATC shows but bUTTONpUSHER/ One Beat was in full swing at the Chameleon as we put on Luxembourgs’ Mutiny on the bounty in Nottingham along with Shapes, Solomon Grundy and Young Wolves, excellent night, great bands and great turnout!

Tuesday we headed to Manchester to play a Dingo barracks promo night where we were joined by Pneu and Shield your eyes once again and had a great night catching up with our buddies from Khuda who were driving Hoarder Myna to the show, it was a 5 band lineup, we met some really sound people in Omnivore & Hoarder Myna and we’ll definitley be sorting some more shows together in Future, after the show we met up with the awesome Chrik and Last days of lorca who’d just finished playing in Manchester too then we stayed with my sister and stayed up talking shite into the small hours before finally crashing in possibly the most comfortable bed ever :D

Wednesday got off to a lazy start for me and Ash while Todd had to go to work, we sat around at Helens and had breakfast and watched some flashforward before setting off for Liverpool where we found the venue quite easily, it was a lovely little cafe/bar called Mello Mello and was made all the better by the fact that we were playing with Chrik for the Dance on Toast launch night. The sound wasn’t the greatest in the world for our set but there was a great vibe in the venue and we played a fun sweaty set before we started the party and i ended up pretty wasted as we headed back to Rik Chrik’s for the night!

Thursday was another lazy start to the day, we got to leeds early in the afternoon and met up with Tom khuda at the Cardigan arms and helped him clean up the building site that the venue has become while it undergoes refurb, we had a quick jam in the venue before soundchecks and then found out that tonight would be another 5 band bill, Khuda opened the night with a warmup show in preparation for their support with russian circles and were followed by noisy 3 piece Hired muscle, up next was a band we’d not heard of before called Magnapinna who were bloody great, our turn then, first song was fine but then diaster struck and my pedals all started dying and my guitar was inaudible, it took to the 3rd song before things were back on track and we pulled it back and had fun, rounding the night up were the excellent Hoarder myna before we all headed back to Steve Khuda’s for a few hours kip before we had to drive back to Notts so i could sit in the office doing sweet FA :(

Friday and Saturdays shows this week have been cancelled due to venue closures so i’m contemplating hopping on the train back to Leeds to see Russian circles tonight and then it’s back to Derby again for another bUTTONpUSHER show with Mutiny on the bounty, Beyond this point are monsters and Stay Classy San Diego at Big Blue Coffee shop on Saturday!

Sunday we’re in Birmingham @ The Flapper for a random film shoot for one of Ash’s mates.


15th April - The Birds Nest, Deptford

16th April - The Unicorn, Camden rd

17th April - Chi Inn, Chichester

21st April - Chameleon arts cafe, Nottingham

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