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Friday, 13 November 2009

This is Captain Rosa Tour

so we finished our 5 day stint with our friends This is our monument and Kasper rosa last night and had an absolute blast, there was so much mayhem and banter along the way it would just take too long to write about it all (there'll be lots of video footage doing the rounds soon) but

* there was alot of partying in peterborough,
* banana curry (wtf?) and a beautiful massive house to stay in in chichester,
* biffy clyro stealing the show in nottingham,
* drunken debauchery and taking over derby into the early hours
* and alot of hangovers in leeds which got blown away by khuda.

We'll be seeing our new friends again in feb for Ryan Kasper rosa's 21st and copius amounts of bucky:-)

THANK YOU to everyone who came along to any of the shows or bought any merch and extra special thanks to Pablo, Pete, Michaella, Ali, Cal, Double handsome dragons, Flies are spies from hell, Karhide, Catharsis and Khuda and of course Ross, Pete, Adam, But(ley), Tree,Shane, Dave and Ryan....BIG LOVE!



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