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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

sometimes things go wrong

Manchester was fun despite the headliners pulling out while we were en route to the venue so we arrived to find that there was a borrowed kick pedal for the drum kit which got taken back 2 songs into our set :-( after a few minutes standing around we decided to try a few more songs with Ash physically kicking the bass drum, we battled on and enjoyed ourselves as much as possible....we learned a valuable lesson, don't leave anything to chance and bring everything!

Nottingham was another fun show with Sincabeza & Souvaris, it was absolutely rammed at various points during the night and our nightmare came during our penultimate song when Todds bass slowly started cutting out meaning we had to drop one of our new fave songs called "The Payoff" and resolve ourselves to party mode for the remainder of the night!

our next show is the Hockly hustle...we'll make sure everything's working and that nothing in our control goes wrong but it's us so somethings likely to happen!

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