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Thursday, 1 October 2009

123.EP reviews so far....

here are some of the first reviews we've had for the 123.EP, we're so stoked that people are enjoying it :-)

The Silent Ballet -


One Beat -

LEFTLION magazine - 123.EP

"This release is everything we've come to expect from Notts/Irish purveyors of surf-math-post-rock grooves. Ranging from distorted funk to recumbent arpeggiation, this EP is the best of a great band in the making.

Opening track Honey badger is ATC! at their most playful: immediately heavy and nervously crazy, the lead guitar adds frenetic phrasing while the rest of the band thrash around. Neo Tokyo soon follows,beginning with a pleasant and highly catchy string-tapping theme. The bass and drums make a very tight backbone, until the song takes a more sinister turn and goes axe-murderer with scattershot riffing.

ATC! leave the best and proggiest song for last, with Soundtrack your death beginning with primus-like instrumental playfulness that crackles with good fun. Distorted bass brings the song to critical mass until the playfulness collapses upon itself and into heavier, discordant territory and breaks down into angry walls of sound before eventually slowing to a stop. This is a big step in the evolution of one of the best bands in Nottingham right now." Anthony Whitton

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