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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

...and then the rain!

last night was alot of fun at the mist despite the rain obviously putting some people off coming along, Grande duke kicked the night off with a really awesome set despite a runaway drumkit obviously annoying Baz, Double handsome dragons played alot of new material from their new cd "Lions, Tigers and Holy shit what was that?" which they had for sale in lovingly handmade monster face cases and i'll be sticking it on later :-)
We played 3 new tracks called Guilt, Neo-Tokyo and Honey Badger which we managed to get through without any fuckups and had a blast after not playing for a little while.

by the time Adebisi shank took to the stage we were cuttin it close to curfew so i had a quick word with the Mist's owner Tony and he let us extend the curfew a bit so they could play their set which was fuckin awesome. Lar, Vin and Mick are an energetic bunch bouncing around like maniacs, manipulating pedals like loons on speed and melting the faces off everyone in attendance as they rushed through a 6 song set of brilliance...looking forward to catching the lads again sometime soon for sure!

Checked my emails this morning to read that our show at The Bodega Social has been cancelled cos we're too "heavy" to support You animals :-(

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