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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

whats the beat?

Friday i made the trip to Leicester to see 65 days of static, amusement parks on fire and maybeshewill at the musician, almost 2 weeks off the booze almost down the shitter, i arrived in leicester met ali and we headed towards the venue, found maybeshewill sitting in their van so we joined them for red wine and spliffs while we waited for the doors to open, down the front row for MSW and their set was awesome, the venue was tiny and absolutley rammed, there were moshpits and people just generally going nuts as MSW played tracks from the forthcoming album "sing the word hope in four part harmony" along with a nice mix of older songs too.
I only caught a bit of amusement parks set as i got sidetracked chatting to paige, neil "the fiend" minnaars,ali and a few of the guys from 65 outside, but it sounded great!

Time for 65 days then, the place was packed so seeing much was a problem but it doesnt matter with a band like 65 days, this was a really small show for 65 and they blew the place apart, they are definitley starting to sound alot more dancey now even sounding at times like the prodigy (funny that, as their soundmans the prodigys soundman) i was pretty mashed by the time they finished so my memory is a bit sketchy before heading off for my train back to derby for a house party.

party was a bit random and was full of messheads.

last thing i remember is sitting back at mine at 6am with Belfast's CUTAWAYS.

Saturday we went to a thai restauraunt for a fry up....Random!
Due to missing Cutaways set on friday night at big blue i asked them if they fancied joining us at the pirate party we were playing that night after their Rotherham gig,they agreed and we got them on the lineup quite easily, then we went our seperate ways to peterborough and rotherham with the plan of meeting later.

Peterborough was awesome, Ash and I arrived and we were well out pirated by the peterborough pirates so we had to try and make ourselves more pirate like to fit in.
The house had been so well decorated and alot of planning had gone into the party for Jane and Lee's birthdays. The lineup was Double handsome dragons, The hendo sans project and us! by the time we played we were all pretty wankered and played possibly our worst gig ever, afterwards we continued to get messy. 2am and Cutaways showed up ready to play and they were wicked playing their own brand of synth driven indie pop although half way through their set Will told us he was leaving the band cos he wasn't happy anymore so now we're a 3 piece with Ash drumming and me taking on the bulk of the guitars, it's gonna be different but we ain't giving up as long as the original 3 Captains are together :-)

as far as i'm concerned sunday and monday don't exist in my brain, i was absoultley mangled and passed out eventually on sunday night at 7pm for 15 hours straight.

back in work today cos i was not fit at all yesterday :-(

We've got a bit of practice to squeeze in now before our next gig with Hollands I wish i knew on the 7th May @ the Sal!

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