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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

lil update for ya

Peterborough last week was so much fun, we partied hard and met alot of cool new people, and got invited back to play a pirate party on the 25th April :-)

After ptown it was off to Prague for my mate Will's birthday which was awesome, we stayed in Old town, drank cheap beers, chuffed ace green, went bobsleighing, saw some local bands (i kid ya not...imodium followed by the pooh ), met some more cool people and generally wrecked ourselves.
Back in the UK after 5 days and straight out again to see the Prodigy, i was very close to not going but was well glad i did as the gig was phenomenal, probably the best i've seen them yet!

Next show is the Amusement parks on fire, Jeniferever and Beyond this point... show at the Royal, Derby on the 20th April

just been sent this link too from the mono gig
MONO + Alright the Captain

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