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Monday, 23 March 2009


so this weekend has been alot of fun, friday night was ATDi night and after starting of a bit weak with the first band thinking the night was called At the drive in they instead treated us to biffy clyro covers (lol) but pretty well in fairness, Adam s Kirkup was not my cup of tea instead doing acoustic versions of his own songs and an owen cover,his highlight was lopsided from In casino out!
xtag on the other hand really got the night of to the way it should have been, they were joined by a mate on guitar and vocals and they fucking owned Catacombs setting the pace for the next band One Armed Jizzer, they'd formed just for this gig and they were SICK! they battered through all the biggest ATDi songs my favorite being invalid litter dept and got everyone wrecking as they closed with one armed scissor, we all left happy and with the feeling that we'd just left an ATDi gig!

saturday we played leicester with Buenos Aires, silent devices and twenty below zero, we had arrived late so had drawn the short straw and had to play first :-( we soundchecked and started our set to the soundman and one other person, by the time we'd finished the first song a few more people had begun to fill the room out a bit but it wasn't a great turnout. After we played we went on search of some buckfast in leicester, found some and chaos followed, we sat backstage with the buenos boys for ages and the party just got more and more wild, we missed most of silent devices set but what i saw was pretty good. Twenty below zero were cool and their drummer was ace! they had a little roadie helper dude sitting on stage with them which was funny cos he was passing guitars over to the frontman who probably could just have reached over and grabbed it :-)

Next up were Buenos, taking to the stage with their buckfast in hand they battered through their set to a pretty small crowd but those who did stay were loving it, they played a new song as well which was intense and a nice breather in their already great set. We packed up our shit and as we were doing that i had a panic and couldnt find my guitar,some prick had taken it out of its case and left the guitar just lying around and nicked my case and 3 packs of strings, anyways we continued to party into the night and i don't remember much after that other than things getting out of hand and Will accidently splitting Cem's nose by throwing an aerosol can at it after being soaked with a fire extingusher, once i get the photo online it'll be up here, (i'm so slack with pictures but will get them up soon)

Sunday was met with a stinkin hangover but excitement about the mono show, we set off from leicester and had some food before loading all our gear into the rescue rooms for soundcheck, there was alot of sitting around waiting but we were all really excited to be supporting one of our favorite bands, the mono guys were really cool and there was a big crowd forming early for the show, we went on at 8.30 and the place was heaving, i was getting that butterfly feeling for the first time in a long long time. we had a quick false start and then got going and seemed to go down pretty well, it was however all about MONO tonight, i've been a fan for years and never had a chance to see them yet so tonight was even more special to me, they treated us to over an hour of post-rock goodness giving it their all on stage and not once saying a single word to the crowd who were lapping every note up eagerly.
As they took a bow and left the stage the crowd began to saunter off and it was time for us to pack up our gear and load out, we stopped for a bit and had a quick banter and a couple of sliffs with mono before they set off to get some shut eye. EPIC WEEKEND!

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