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Friday, 20 February 2009

Raped ears!

I've been slack blogwise this week with moving house and having no internet there yet but aside from all that this week's been so much fun, we started in Nottingham on monday arriving at the maze, i got the curry i'd got cooked for us heated up and fed an army of irish lads before soundchecks which was delicious, doors opened and there was a good crowd for a "school night"
Beyond this point...kicked the night off and were great as usual. We played a mixed bag of a set it was a bit ropey in parts with the first two songs feeling like we were running a race but after that it was all good and we all enjoyed ourselves!

Lafaro completely rocked the fuck out, i love them so much more as a 4 piece now and got trashed as they hammered through the set starting our own little personal pits on the door for tracks like "Mr Heskey" and "Tuppenny Nudger", by the time ASIWYFA came on i was well on form and they were absolutely amazing, playing a mix of tracks from "This is our machine..." and their forthcoming debut album as well as a new track called "Salamander" all of which are jawdropping and i cant wait for the album to hit the shops....its gonna be BIG!

Tuesday we played the Royal in Derby, we arrived at the venue to find that there were no posters up anywhere despite us leaving them quite a few, they also kindly told us there was an 11 o'clock curfew as it was a 14+ gig (nice of them to tell us beforehand), we played just after 8.30 and thankfully people had shown up early for the show, the sound was great and we played one of our best sets ever, all the bands were so much more on form for this gig and it was a great night, there was a minor kick off with the venue as we were leaving but nothing serious, we tried heading to Players but it was closed so instead we took over the Bell inn til we got booted out

Wednesday was a different story altogether tho, we picked up the gear from the Royal just after 4 and set of for Huddersfield, what should have taken an hour and a half or so took us 5 hours due to the coolant system in the car going tits up (or so we thought) i'd had the same thing happen with a mate a few weeks beforehand so i knew how to sort the problem temporarily! we had to keep stopping every 15 mins or so to fill the radiator up so we could get to the venue, we eventually arrived at 9:15pm got straight in and set up and started playing to 6 people that werent in the bands, lafaro and ASIWYFA battered through their sets and we headed back to our mate Thoms were we sat killing zombies all night and fell asleep watching Host.

We got up in the afternoon and filled the car radiator again before setting off and thats when i noticed the leak from one of the pipes so we were losing all the water, had to get the bastard to a garage where we got it sorted for £40 and heading back to Derby for a quick shower then on to Leicester to the ASIWYFA/Maybeshewill gig which was ace, Maybeshewill were trying out some new tracks from their upcoming album and they sound really good especially a track called "how to have sex with a ghost", they seem to be going in a bit of a heavier direction with these new tracks and will start recording next week, so thats another album to look forward to at some point this year!

Ash is playin with The Health and Safety executive tonight along with our mate Al's band XTag at Bar One, Derby! Come along!

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