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Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm not from London - That fucking tank!

Last night Ash and I headed down the Chameleon for the I'm not from London gig, we got a bit held up as we've both turned into "The Wire" junkies so we missed GI Joe unfortunately.
As we approached the venue we were wondering what the turnout would be like as the Chameleon can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but it was pretty packed so happy days! Cuban crimewave were setting up as we arrived but we got held up chatting to mates downstairs and only caught their last few songs which were pretty rockin!

Next up were Hiroshima rocks around from Rome, they were a noisy, bluesy, post-punk kinda band with a sax, they tore through their half hour set jumping in and out of the crowd wildly, the drummer weirdly licking his cymbals and generally destroying everyones ears (in a good way), it did get a little bit too much to handle towards the end of the set, given that we were standing right beside the speakers so we went for a cheeky smoke before the headliners!

I've been listening to That Fucking Tank for about 2 years now but have never had a chance to see them as anytime they were playin nearby we'd be playing or some shitty reason would pop up but at last i'd got the chance. By the time TFT come on the nights already running well late but everyone sticks around and moves in closer as the 2 piece assault the crowd with repetitive riffs and danceable grooves, there were bits and pieces of tunes which reminded me of Battles but heavier and the whole set was just really catchy and fun, can't wait to see them again sometime soon!

The whole gig was recorded for a future I'm not from London compilation DVD which we were kindly asked to be a part of before setting off to get some pizzas and watch some more of The Wire, told ya we were turning into Junkies :-)

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