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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

09 update!'s fucking freezing!!!( I feel colder than ever before although i'm sure i say this every winter so fuck it!) The Captain have no gigs now until feb now so i've been busying myself with booking more shows for the rest of the year and also working on a little side project with Paul (lo-ego) and Thom (First signs of the aftermath),which is sounding pretty cool so far, we're thinking we're just gonna have 2 guitars, drums and alot of loops and probably vocals and see how it all goes :-)

In Captain news we've uploaded a few videos from the New years eve gig to youtube, I'll post the link later as youtube's blocked in work!

We're also finally getting round to putting down the last few guitar parts this weekend before we start mixing everything we've recorded and we're aiming at having it ready for release at the end of the month in time for our shows in Feb with Norn Iron's finest AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR & LAFARO on the 16th and 17th when they come over for their tour.

Also if anyone actually reads this and wants to help us out by signing up to and joining our group, we may well be in with a chance of having a professionally recorded live set sometime this year which would be ACE!

just follow the link below and sign up it takes 2 mins and we'll love ya forever!

in a bit,


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