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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bored as sin.......but sinning ain't boring is it?

sat in work counting down the hours to freedom listening to Dillinger escape plans plagurism E.P, it's prooving to be a long week with no pennies going spare in my pockets and still no xmas presents bought i guess it'll be a rush job 2 days before Xmas this year.

I've been working with Paul from Lo-ego on a few riffs for a little project we're gonna work on in the new year to keep as busy as humanly possible, it's sounding very ambient and stoner at the mo and we've been playing around with some vocal and loop ideas so it'll be interesting to see what we do and if we actually remember anything we do :-)

Check out Brian Romero's work, found out about him randomly and really like his work!

More captain news: Wednesday night Ash and I head into the Studio to put down our guitars on the tracks we've been working on so hopefully we'll get alot down and get cracking on mixing if we find the time over Christmas.....fingers crossed! time!!!!

keep ya posted,


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