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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mad bastards and Zach Hill!

Last night Ash, Will and I went to the Social to see the legendary Zach Hill's solo show, we arrived there just in time to catch the first band Shapes from Birmingham and man they were wicked, turns out Ash knows the drummer from Birmingham and we're gonna try sort some shows together next year, we headed out for a smoke before Shield your eyes started and thats when things got weird, we were sat in the beer garden when some dude in his late 30's/early 40's approached us asking us where we were from so we just said Notts to keep it short and sweet......but oh no, he pulled up a seat and sat down and so the conversation turned...

He asked ash where he was from and he said Birmingham which then led to the freak introducing himself as Richard and how he'd been "banging some bird" there and people had been trying to admit him cos he's mental and has an issue with cleanliness, he told us he was a hermit and that all the scars over his face were from bottles and glasses and even had his balls slashed up and started asking us if we believed him or not and if we wanted to see to which we were just shocked at how random he was and insisted that he didn't need to show us.

Then he started going on about shagging over 150 prostitutes and how he'd been in over 100 fights and lost 2, and how he had to have his flat spotlessly clean all the time,then even after being told ash was from Brum he kept insisting that he sounded like he was from Greece or the Algarve...WHAT A JOKE!

We pretty much sat just shaking our heads not exactly knowing what to say for the duration of his rant when he pulls out his phone telling us he can get 20 lads down to the pub now if he thought he was in danger but he didn't feel in danger with us 3 cos he doesn't feel pain and wanted to prove it by asking the 3 of us to punch him as hard as possible in the face, we didn't obviously but he kept insisting and asking us so instead we made our excuses and went back inside.....RANDOM FUCKER!

Back in the Social without getting in a scrap and Shield your eyes were just about to start their set, which was really good noisy rockin fun, glad i'd brought my earplugs tho as they had some brutally noisy parts :-)

then it was time for Zach Hill (Hella/Team sleep), the man is a pure machine as he battered the shit out of his drumkit for the Necromancer, seriously impressive,impressive stuff, don't really know what else to say other than......WOW!

anyways tonight we play the Maze for Doledrum promotions, we might throw in a bit of an improv in our set tonight for a change as it's been a while!

we'll be on at about 10.15 so come say hello :-)


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